It is the mission of Cowan Associates, Inc. (CAI) to provide quality Professional Engineering services, personalized and with on-time delivery. We, the employees and management, aim to strive for excellence so that you, the client, will achieve success.
To be an outstanding Professional Engineering Service provider, who partners with clients with diverse needs, to successfully turn their ideas into reality.

Cowan Associates, Inc. provided the field survey, land development design and structural design for the Lower Milford Township Municipal building. The building includes meeting space, municipal offices and the police station.

One interesting aspect of this project was the use of porous paving to reduce stormwater runoff and minimize the retention basin size. The building is a one-story brick and stud structure with wood roof trusses. Patterned shingles were used to simulate slate, which added to the barn aesthetic chosen to fit in with its rural surroundings.

Cowan Associates, Inc. -
Full-Service Civil Engineering Services

Cowan Associates is one of the oldest full-service civil engineering firms in the Region. We have been providing multi-disciplinary engineering and technical services to our clients since 1958. CAI has designed many specialty and challenging land developments and facilities over the last fifty years. We cover assignments locally and throughout the Eastern United States.

While we specialize in Civil and Environmental Engineering, clients come to us for Land Development, Building and Municipal Engineering; Construction Quality Control; Exploration, Testing & Inspection; Accident & Failure Investigation; Structural Analysis; Geotechnical Evaluations; Environmental Audits; and Surveying. Many of our Project Managers have developed specific specialties along with their broad coverage of other disciplines. For example, the Testing and Inspection team members are certified third party Building Code Inspectors, and Geologists are experienced in hazardous substance management and removal. Perusal of this website will provide you with information on many highly specialized areas of consulting and design that are available to you through CAI.

Our assignments are extremely varied, ranging from Commercial to Residential Land Development & Industrial Facilities Design, to major public works projects including Bridges, Sewage Treatment & Water Filtration Plants. Our staff are trained and experienced in all the basic disciplines and are licensed in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. In addition we are experienced to partner with local firms when logistics require.

Our clients come from many industries, companies and businesses such as: property syndicators, retailers, office and institutional property managers, residential developers, manufacturers, utilities, law firms, insurance adjusters, architects, contractors, government agencies, and school districts. You may call our offices for advice, without obligation, prior to our accepting an assignment. If we can't help you we will endeavor to direct you to the person or company that can.

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